Los Angeles Travel Guide in USA | Best Places, Map, Location

Los Angeles Travel Guide in USA | Best Places, Map, Location
Los Angeles, Usa

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and television industry and center of the country’s film. Studios like Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers offer tours around the iconic Hollywood sign. At Hollywood Boulevard, TCL showcases Chinese theater celebrity hand-me-downs, honoring the Walk of Fame by selling maps to thousands of illuminated and sold-out stars.


The Best Places To Visit In Los Angeles:

Venice Beach:

This is definitely an important place to visit in Los Angeles. It rose to fame with its magnificent sandy beaches and blue waters. The beach is usually quite lively with skateboarders, rollerbladers, joggers and even street performers who line up along the walkway. You will see most people here working in the hot sun. You can also check out food stalls that are plentiful around the beach and enjoy some shaved ice or corn.

Location: 1800, Front Walk, Los Angeles, California
Timings: Open 24 hours

Universal Studios:

This theme park is one of the best tourist spots in Los Angeles and has an amazing ride based not just on a studio but also on a movie theme. You can visit the place and watch several popular movie sets. People usually come here to watch the rides, and the most popular of them are The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Transformers, and The Walking Dead.

Location: 100 Universal City Plaza, California, 91098, USA
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM

The Getty Center:

You can find this huge museum on the top of a hill in the mountains of Santa Monica. The gardens themselves have beautiful sculptures that make their way to the complex. They have a great collection that brings European paintings, paintings, sculptures, decorations and photography from the next century. It’s one of the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles and you should definitely if you get the chance.

Location: 1200, Getty Center, Los Angeles, California, 90049
Timings: 10 AM – 5:30 PM

Santa Monica Beach:

It may be one of the best tourist destinations in Los Angeles. You can often walk on the beautiful sandy shores filled with surfers, yogis, skateboarders and technicians. Finally, when you reach the gorge, you will find the famous Ferris Wheel. Most people go for a ride on this Ferris Wheel, but if it isn’t for you, don’t worry. There are other things you can do, such as a shop in fashionable boutiques or small bottle stores.

Location: Pacific Coast Hwy, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA
Timings: Open 24 hours

The Museum of Jurassic Technology:

This museum has virtually nothing to do with the dinosaurs but it has many other unusual sights. Some of these have incredibly small sculptures and a bat that can fly through walls. This institute combines both truth and fiction and does a great job in it. Things you think about like Noah’s Ark are displayed here, but the butterfly has wings. It’s kind of weird but interesting. This place is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

Location: 9341 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, 90232 California
Timings: Thursdays 2 PM – 8 PM and Friday to Sunday 12 PM – 6 PM

The Griffith Observatory:

You can find this archive where the Los Angeles Zoo is located in Griffith Park. The Griffith Observatory is truly a planetarium where you can see the Zeiss telescope and observe the moon and cables. There is also a solar telescope for sun monitoring. After you’re done, you can take a long walk in the free park and either go to the Greek theater or the zoo or continue your walk and enjoy the amazing view. Los Angeles is one of the must-visit places in California

Location: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA
Timings: Tuesdays to Friday 12 PM – 10 PM and Saturday to Sundays 10 AM – 10 PM

The Hollywood Walk of Fame:

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Los Angeles, United States of America. If it doesn’t make your day, nothing else will happen! What could be better than walking around the area and observing a pink terrazzo with the names of gold-renowned artists? You can walk across the region and taste the wonders of celebrities who have gone there for various festivals, events and premieres. If you are one of these fanatics, there is a Chinese theater with famous hand and footprints.

Location: North Highland Ave & Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Timings: open 24 hours

Disneyland Park:

It’s the perfect family destination and one of the best tourist spots to visit in Los Angeles. It seems to bring you to Disneyland with a variety of activities set to be the perfect combination with almost all the Ride and Disneyland themes. It has 7 different lands depending on the different views. The park itself has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. The most popular ride on the ‘Incredicoster’ will be a huge roller coaster which is a huge drop.

Location: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA
Timings: 9 AM – 11 PM

The Broad:

This museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles for free. It is so popular because of post-war and contemporary art and its free entry. The most popular piece is Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room. It takes the viewer into a full-blown LED but the whole house looks like its glowing with stars. Although it is a small experience that tickets go on sale rather quickly and you have to book one month in advance.

Location: 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
Timings: Tuesday to Friday 11 AM – 5 PM and Saturday to Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM

The Nethercutt Collection:

One of the top travel destinations to visit in Los Angeles if you are a fan of the car or are passionate about old machines or antiques. They have a wide range of cars such as antique, classic or even vintage models. You can even find the car’s history as well as the names of its previous owners. This automobile museum is one of a kind and shows how to use certain pieces while showing their progress in restoring them.

Location: 15151 Bledsoe St, Sylmar, CA 91342, USA
Timings: 9 AM – 4:30 PM

Other Things to See and Do:

Visit the Huntington Library: Books aren’t the first thing you would think of when coming to LA, but this city has beautifully designed libraries with lovely fields, including a Chinese and Japanese garden. After all, the library itself has several valuable holdings, such as a copy of The Canterbury Tales and a Gutenberg Bible.

Shop at the Farmers Market & The Grove: There is a great farmer’s market with lots of fresh bread, fruits, veggies and a delicious food court. Nearby is an outdoor shopping area that features all the major brands along with movie theaters. This is a very nice way to spend an afternoon.

Party on Sunset Boulevard: Probably one of the most famous streets in the world, it started out as a path between the stars and the Hollywood studios. It runs from downtown to the ocean, on its way to the “Sunset Strip”.

The Last Bookstore: This is one of my favorite bookstores (and one of the few big independent books). They have books, record sales, have art and are a great place to be. Located downtown, this place is huge and you can get lost in this place for hours. Come here, have a coffee, read on and buy a book! It is open daily from 10-10 am.

Go for a hike: Another activity that you may not even find connected with the glitz and glamor of LA is hiking. Runnin Canyon Park is a great place to practice some with the famous and beautiful. Get your daily uphill festival before you head to the beach.

Typical Costs:

Hostel prices: On average, you’ll find a lounge with a bed of about 4-8, starting at around $ 25-25. You can find a private room that sleeps around $ 80-100 for two. Hostels in Los Angeles usually include free linens, free towels, free WiFi and many free breakfasts.

Budget hotel prices: You will find a room at a budget hotel that starts at around 65 per night. Hotels at these price points usually include private bathrooms, air conditioning and free WiFi. At Airbnb, you can get shared rooms starting at $ 20 per night and entire homes starting at about $ 60 per night.

The average cost of food: Any kind of food you can think of from anywhere in the world, Los Angeles has it. Unless you are in the middle of Beverly Hills, you see many seat restaurant meals priced at $ 20. Fast foods and sandwiches cost -10 $ 7-10. L.A. is for some fresh fruits and veggies in some farmer’s markets so you can get plenty of cheap food in the market. If you cook your own meal, this will include pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods, expected to pay $ 60 per week for groceries. Mid-range sit-down restaurants will cost $ 10-15 for food and drink. Prices go up from there and the sky is limited.

Transportation costs: LA is very large and expansive. Even if something seems close, distances can be deceiving as the traffic is heavy. Although public transport exists, LA is not a public transportation friendly city. L.A. has a metro but it doesn’t go to such places. The bus system is better but it is also subject to heavy traffic. A single fare on bus or metro is valid 1.75 and must be purchased from the ticket vending machine at the station. Weekend passes can be purchased using the Tip Card system, a rechargeable system. If you want to get out of the city center, you need a car. If you are not renting a car, it is not too bad to use Uber or Lyft Wallet if used in small amounts. For example, Hollywood’s Beverly Hills costs about $ 7-10 (about $ 1 per mile for UberX). Taxis are expensive and cost about $ 3 per mile and about $ 3 per mile. For even shorter distances, you can use Lime or Bird, two ride-sharing companies that provide dockless scooter rentals throughout the city. Download the app for any of the birds or lime and look for a scooter nearby. They pay $ 1 for rent and fifteen cents per minute thereafter. It’s a great budget-friendly way to get even shorter distances in the city.

Los Angeles Warnings and Dangers:

Los Angeles is a diverse, vibrant, creative city with many complex layers. In short, this is a great place to explore. But is Los Angeles safe for travelers? Well, it depends. Like any big city, Los Angeles has a safe area as well as dangerous parts. And wherever you go, you should be well advised to know where to stay. The incidence of violent crime and property crime in Los Angeles is significantly higher than many other cities in the United States when viewing, partly because of L.A. The vast population of the county (over one billion people). Keep in mind though, that per capita crime rate in Los Angeles is actually lower than other popular U.S. travel destinations like Los Angeles, New Orleans, and San Francisco in Los Angeles, with Los Angeles as the world’s 123rd largest city with a score of 1.66. (Compared, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 85th with a score of 85.18. Earned the credit).

Tips for Staying Safe in Los Angeles:

Choose your hotel and neighborhood wisely: Avoid overnight stays around high crime rates such as Hollywood, Chinatown, Fairfax, Crenshaw or other areas near USC. Instead, book your hotel or vacation rental at low crime locations like La Hotel Flintridge, Palos Verdes, Century City, Pacific Palisades or Brentwood.

Blend in: When you are out and about, do not focus on wearing expensive items or putting them in the car view. Know where you are going, travel in groups and drive conservatively.

Be wary of potential scams: Do not fall prey to scammers by pretending to be an entertainment industry professional. If someone tells you that they are a talent agent who wants to work with you, be very skeptical.

How to Get Around Safely in Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles Police Department’s official suggestion to clean up the Los Angeles crime scene is to “do everything you can to blend in with the crowd,” which reflects on wearing or carrying expensive looks (jewelry, cameras, handbags) and preparing before leaving. Studying the local maps taken, sticking to the well-lit main street, always up This is the glove compartment and trunk – with the male car locked up and without any prices or tourists in sight. The police department recommends sticking together in pairs or groups (especially if you’re a woman), keeping a close eye on the kids and making sure the kids know their hotel name and address, and what to do if they get lost. According to recent statistics, L.A. Its metro system is relatively safe. If you’re driving in Los Angeles, don’t tailgate, as stop-and-go traffic is the norm in the LA freeway and you want to try as much as possible to avoid a flexible bender or be the target of street rage. L.A. It’s not hard to drive unless you have a good map app and the patience to endure the infamous traffic in Los Angeles.

Money-Saving Tips:

Purchase a Go Los Angeles Card: If you are going to see a lot of sights, this will give you a discount on 40 top museums, tours and attractions. It is worth it to save you money compared to buying a separate ticket.

Avoid celebrity hangouts: Hollywood and Beverly Hill are two areas you will see most famous people but the two areas where you spend the most money.

Redeem hotel points: Make sure you sign up for a hotel credit card before you go, and use these points when you travel. This is especially helpful in big cities like LA, where housing is expensive. If you have a lot of points, use them here and get free rooms! Be aware that most hotels charge a parking fee when you have a car and adjust your budget accordingly.

Couchsurf: You will find lots of hosts throughout the city that show you around and allow you to stay free. I’ve used it a lot of times and have really enjoyed it as a way to meet people. L.A. In such an expensive and ever-changing city, having a local guide can be extremely helpful!

Go on a free walking tour: It’s a great way to learn the history behind the places you visit and to avoid missing any viewing stops. The Free LA Tour has a few interesting walking tours to show you what the city has to offer.

Get free water or free refills: If you order a drink, most restaurants allow for free refills when you eat or repay at a lower cost. If you ask, water is usually provided free of charge.

Save money on rideshares: Uber and Lyft (my favorite company) are cheaper than taxis and this is the best way to get around a city without having to pay for a bus or taxi. Sharing/pool options (where you share travel with other people) also provide better savings. You can save money on your first ride with the following codes: Left (MATTHEW999 to save $ 10) and Uber (ll save 15 jlx6v).


Travel carefully. Hope you enjoy it. You cannot think about this trip how amazing this trip is! Exactly you need to be prepared physically, mentally with economically. As it is also a costly trip, for this reason, You have to be prepared a well-economical budget. Stay with us. Hope you like it. Have a nice trip. We are always with you. We will usually help you with the journey. Thanks for having us.

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