Nelson Travel Guide | Top Attraction, Hotels, Location

Nelson Travel Guide | Top Attraction, Hotels, Location
Nelson Travel Guide

Nelson may be small, but it’s really a great city full of excellent coffee shops, restaurants and pubs. Nelson Travel guide. While the city itself is very small, the area is surrounded by wonderful mountains and beaches, and also serves as the gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park. There is not much to do here, but it is an excellent base to explore the area. This guide will help you plan your stay.


Top Interesting Places To Visit In Nelson:

Nelson Lakes National Park:

Nelson National Park is one of the tourist attractions. This place ensures the peace and tranquility that travelers usually look for. This place covers about 1,019 square kilometers, which is perfect for walks along Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotorua. You can participate in activities such as mountaineering, boating, rafting, camping, fishing, and the list goes on and on because this place is full of surprises. This place can be considered as a magnificent tourist attraction of Nelson.

Tahunanui Beach:

Tahunanui Beach is the main beach in the city of Nelson located in Tasmania Bay. It is one of the best places to visit in Nelson Bay. This beach is popular for its shallow slope, which not only keeps the water calm but also warm, making it the best place to relax for swimmers. This place is perfect for a family, as children and adults can have fun in the sands of Tahunanui Beach. This beach extends like a clean white surface around the sea and is better for picnics, outings and walks.

Queen’s Garden:

Queen’s Garden feels like a piece of heaven on earth, full of vibrant colors and fascinating fragrances. This garden is the perfect example of the classic Victorian ornamental park world. The park was built to celebrate the reign of Queen Victoria. This place is full of antiques and unique pieces of art, such as the Fountain of Cupid, the water wheel, the monument to the Boer warriors, the Sentinel and the fine memorial gates at the entrances. Walking through this garden will brighten your soul. Enjoy your day at Queen’s Garden!

Rabbit Island:

Rabbit Island is a very small island consisting of three islands, Rabbit Island, Rough Island and Bird Island. This island has a long coastline that is safe for long walks, swimming and just to relax. This area is full of vegetation. The beach accumulates with vast and mountainous sand dunes that have cone-shaped pine tree coverings with exposed roots that extend for long distances along the island. This island is visited mainly by people who want to admire the beauty of the waters and the sand.

World of WearableArt & Classic Cars Museum:

This museum is one of Nelson’s best sights. This wonderful museum houses two collections that represent innovation in design. Visitors are always fascinated by the award-winning garments displayed at the previous WordArt Awards and the amazing opportunity to take a closer look at these spectacular works of art. This place will surprise you and stimulate your thinking process about the types of garments that these places represent. No wonder this place is one of Nelson’s best sights.

Centre of New Zealand Monument:

The New Zealand Center is called that because it was a central inspection point in the year 1800 and the walk to the New Zealand Center monument is steep and perfect for people with moderate physical conditions. When you walk to the top, you will witness that this place is endowed with a beautiful forest environment with beautiful trees and flowers. Once you climb to the top, you will see a beautiful view of Nelson with signs that point to all the landmarks, in fact, a great place for photography. Wear active clothing with layers because it is cold up there and it will be very hot on the hike but a little cooler through the forest when you walk back…

Nelson Saturday Market:

Nelson’s traditional market is in a perfect square in the heart of the city and this long-standing market easily attracts real locals. You will enjoy knowing the owners of the posts since they are quite gentle and humble. It is full of shops that sell farm fresh vegetables, dresses and other authentic things. It is very fun to visit this place with your friends and family and you will surely have the opportunity to interact with the locals of Nelson City. Wooden gifts are made incredibly here. It is an authentic place and that is exactly what most visitors want.

Natureland Zoo:

This place is a dream come true for all lovers. Here you can visit the animals of your choice. The unique native wildlife of New Zealand is also exhibited here. Monkeys are very common here, along with many other pets. This zoo is safe and secure to take your children for a walk. They can have fun with animals and they can also feed them. Here you will also find different types of birds, meerkats and chickens.

Suter Art Gallery:

The Suter art gallery is a free gallery where art lovers can easily witness their favorite works of art. The paintings displayed here are so amazing to see that you want to take them all back home. The main reason why people love to visit this art gallery is that it is free. You can take a look at the artwork for free. This gallery is located in the Garden of the Queen. The guides here are really humble and are always ready to help you provide essential information about various paintings.

Abel Tasman National Park Cruise:

So, now is the time for tourists to relax and relax while we depart from the beautiful Kaiteriteri beach on a panoramic cruise to experience the Abel Tasman National Park. The pretty water is full of beautiful dolphins and other safe marine animals. The cruise lasts between four and five hours and is suitable for all age groups. In a period of four to five hours, you will experience wildlife from New Zealand sea lions to small blue penguins. You can also take a look at the striking beauty of Split Apple Rock, the sea lions of New Zealand, the golden sands and the turquoise waters of Anchorage, Bark Bay, Tonga Quarry, Awaroa and Totaranui Beach. If you visit this city, this cruise is a must on the list of places to visit in Nelson, New Zealand.

Typical Costs:

Hostel prices: The hostel’s bedrooms in Nelson cost between NZD 25 and 40 per night, while private rooms start at NZD 75. Free Wi-Fi is standard, and some places also include free breakfast. Most hostels also include a kitchen so you can cook your own meals. For those traveling with a tent, there are camps near Nelson. Expect to pay around 20 NZD per person, per night for a basic plot (services such as electricity will cost more). You can book your hostel with Hostelworld.

Prices of cheap hotels: budget hotels start around NZD 75 per night for a double or double room. Free Wi-Fi is standard, and many cheap hotels also include free breakfast. Use, as they constantly return the cheapest rates. For a private room on Airbnb, expect to pay NZD 55 per night. For an entire house or apartment, expect to pay at least NZD 90 per night.

The average cost of the meal: a restaurant meal with table service will cost around 30 NZD. If you choose to cook your meal, plan to spend around 65-80 NZD per week for your staple foods (rice or pasta, vegetables, meat, etc.). You can find sandwiches that cost about 8 NZD and about 8 NZD for fast foods like McDonald’s or Burger King for about 11 NZD beers.

Transportation costs: Bus fares for a single trip will cost between 2.50-4 NZD for adults, depending on how many zones you travel. Many hostels offer free bike rental to get around the city, although you can also rent your own bike for around NZD 40 per day. For intercity trips, buses to Christchurch start around 30 NZD, while a bus to Queenstown will cost closer to 60 NZD. For a flight to Auckland, expect to pay between 75-150 NZ.

Money-Saving Tips:

Free walk: the park has excellent hiking trails that can be the best attraction in Nelson and its surroundings. Just make sure you bring a good insect repellent or sand flies will eat you alive!
Cook for yourself: Save your money by cooking for yourself. Most hostels, and even some hotels, offer kitchen facilities so you can buy your own food and cook your own food.
Stay with a local: although there are not many hosts available, Couchsurfing is still a possibility if you search in advance. You will save money on accommodation and have a local guide! Win-win!

Best Hotels in Nelson:

The Hotel Nelson

Trailways Hotel Nelson

Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco 

The Beachcomber Hotel & Conference Centre

The Honest Lawyer, Ascend Hotel Collection

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