New York City Travel Guide in USA | Best Places, Map, Hotels and Location

New York City in USA

There are 5 boroughs in New York City where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its main location is Manhattan, a densely populated borough, one of the world’s premier commercial, financial and cultural centers. Its iconic sites include sky scrapers such as the extensive Central Park and Empire State Building. The Broadway Theater is staged in a neon-lit Times Square.

American icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Times Square are on the visitor list for the first time, but they are just some of the attractions to see in New York City, the most populous and popular city of U.S. Also known as the “Big Apple,” New York City is a favorite destination for both national and international visitors. The Broadway and Theater District is the place to see the latest plays and musicals, and if you’re an art lover, New York has a wealth crisis: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Freak Collection. Or go shopping on Fifth Avenue, check out Washington Square and the Greenwich Village and Rockefeller Center, walk through Central Park, and be attracted to the Grand Central Terminal. If you live longer than a few days, dig deeper into NYC architecture or travel to Brooklyn.


Best Time To Visit New York City :

Below is a summary of more in-depth posts on how to visit NYC during the least expensive time of the year, where we cover the high season’s cheapest times too. The short answer though, is clearly the cheapest time to visit NYC, from January to early March. During this time, flights, hotels and Broadway-type shows and musicals have the best combination of low prices and discounts. The second giveaway is from November 2nd until the first week of December.

Best Things To Do in New York:

Take The Staten Island Ferry: Doesn’t the two-hour-long line appeal to see the Statue of Liberty? Well, walk a few blocks to Staten Island Ferry. The free ferry will take you over the harbor and give you a good view of both the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. The ride takes 20 minutes.

Walk The Brooklyn Bridge: Cross the Brooklyn Bridge to experience a breathtaking view of the New York skyline and harbor. It’s a long walk but good food and drinks (like breweries) are waiting for you on the other side. It will take about 40 minutes to take photos and tie the net on the way. I enjoy this walk when the city of Manhattan is full at night.

Museum Hop: Although MET is a division of its own, New York City has a sightseeing museum. The Natural History Museum, MoMA and Guggenheim are just three of the stars. There are 11 collections of museums in the vicinity of Central Park that will really take a few days to see. Pick the ones you want to see the most and see them all over New York in a week.

Visit Radio City Music Hall: Is there more American theater than Radio City Music Hall? This timeless recreation of entertainment has captivated audiences since the 1930s. Tours run daily from 7am to 7pm and prices are $ 27 (you can get a discount by buying tickets online).

Take in The Theater: You can’t come to NYC and watch a Broadway show. There are many great shows here, from the musical to the Shakespeare of Beat show. There is nothing better than NYC theater testimony, and it is such an integral part of life that you should check it out here. Visit Times Square’s TKTS booth to get a half-price ticket.

See Times Square: No matter when you visit Times Square, it will be filled with people (usually other tourists). There are pedestrian areas where you can sit. If you are not shopping or eating or watching a show, there is not much to do in that area (and there are no New Yorkers), but for a few minutes from the top, it is still a great place for people-watching the red steps of the TKTS kiosk.

Experience The Prohibition Bars: I love the 1920s, a lot. And that is one of the reasons I love New York so much: there are many other people here who love the jazz era. There are lots and lots of Prohibition-style bars that serve classic drinks while listening to live jazz and swing music. While the elegant cocktails they serve may not be cheap ($ 12-15), I’m hooked on the atmosphere. Entering these bars with music playing, people dancing and all dressed the part transport me in time to a time when things were elegant, carefree and fun. Some of my favorites are The Back Room, Bathtub Gin and Mulberry Project.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum: You can learn how immigrants from around the world lived in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s while trying to make it in America. A good follow-up to what you will see on Ellis Island. With guided tours you can only visit this museum and they need to be booked in advance. I personally like the “Meet the Residents” tour where live performers pick up and share stories of newcomers. Admission is $ 25 and it is open 10-6-6: 30pm daily with extended hours on Thursdays.

Visit Trinity Church: YColon The Church of the Colonial Age, this is where many of America’s founding fathers worshiped. Feel free to enter it and there are many key leaders in the country including Alexander Hamilton who was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

Head to Top of The Rock: This area is always full of haste. Take a walk around the Rockefeller Center to see where they film today’s shows, shops, snacks, and take the elevator to “Top of the Rock” for another bird’s eye view of the city (which I personally think is better than the Empire State Building). , Since you can also find that building in your own picture from above!). Tickets cost $ 34 and are open daily from 8am to 12pm (midnight).

Just wander: Continue east to west and marvel at the beautiful architecture of New York City such as Grand Central Station, Union Square, New York Times Building, Chrysler Building and more. There are so many historic buildings in New York City that just walking around and looking at them is a good afternoon’s activity.

Battery Park: Stop here for the old battery (cannon) that has protected the city, for music and street performers, people watching, relaxing and other park-related activities. Battery Park is big and busy, but I still love going here. The port also has wonderful views.

Wall Street: Take a picture with the famous bull and then walk on Wall Street and see all those bankers where the economy was ruined. There are heavy defenses in the area, but you can see people getting in and out of the building as a result of some other financial disaster.

Federal Hall: One of the city’s most neglected museums is across the street from the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Federal Hall, built in 1700, where George Washington took his oath (you can see the Bible he swore!) Was the first United States capital building and was the site of the US Customs House in the late 1700s. This is one of my favorite attractions. I especially love the old vaults of the customs house. I suggest you take a tour, plus it is shorter and doesn’t take much time. Admission is free and it is open 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday, and it is open on Saturdays during the summer.

Museum of American Finance: Down the street from the NYSE and Federal Hall is the Museum of American Finance. At a historic Historic Bank building on Wall Street (of course!) It has a permanent exhibition of financial markets, finance, banking, entrepreneurship and Alexander Hamilton (founder of the US financial system). If you want to understand the effectiveness of what happens on Wall Street, this is the right place to start. Admission is $ 8 and it is open daily (except Sunday and Monday) from 10am to 4pm.

Grand Central Terminal: Grand Central Terminal Hall is the historic historic train station in the city. It was about to collapse in 1975 but was saved by Jacqueline Kennedy, who raised money to save. There is free historical historical tour on Wednesdays. I like watching people come to the main conclusion and the “stars” in the ceiling and everyone running. All these people – where do they go? What do they do Also, there is an amazing meal in the basement called the Grand Central Wester Bar & Restaurant. And for fancy (and expensive) cocktails, check out Campbell Apartments and go back to the 1920s (dress code implemented). It was once a member of the board of directors of the New York Central Railroad of the 1920s, and John John of the finance tycoon.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): Reach Moma for lots of beautiful (and weird) modern art and some distinctive impressionist art. I hate modern art. I simply don’t “get” it. How is a wall art shovel on? I don’t like modern art but this museum has Van Gogh’s Starry Night as well as other post-impressionist art so I can’t hate it completely. If you like modern and contemporary art, this is (I said) one of the best in the world. It is open daily from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm with extended time on Friday. Admission is $ 25 pm Friday after four o’clock, the museum is free (and I love watching Van Gogh for free)!

Prospect Park: Get out of Manhattan and explore the version of Brooklyn’s Central Park and the great Brooklyn Museum right next door. Spend the afternoon discovering its vast collection of historical and contemporary art and artifacts.

Bronx Zoo: Go north to visit the oldest and largest zoo in the United States. It’s also an incredible experience for kids. It is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Admission is $ 17. (Budget Tip: Give yourself what you need on Wednesday to save money.

See a Yankees/Knicks Game: Like the game? NYC has several world-class sports teams. I’m not a big sports fan (Yankees play soccer, right?), But games are fun if you have friends to share experiences with. If you have the opportunity and desire, don’t miss a sporting event, because New Yorkers are serious about their local teams!).

Prospect Park: Saturday Night Live, The View, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, Last Night Tonight and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon offer free tickets to their tapings (though they must be reserved in advance). Visit each show’s website for details and reservations.

Typical Costs:

Hostel Prices: A night in a 4-6 bed dormitory starts around $ 25-35. A private room for two starts around $ 80-100 per night. There aren’t many hostels in Manhattan and, if you want the best deals, it’s better to stay in Brooklyn or Queens. Hostels give away many offer free linens, free Wi-Fi and free towels. My suggested places are the YHA and The Jazz Hostels.

Budget hotel prices: Even budget hotels are expensive in NYC. You can find a room at a two-star hotel in Manhattan starting at $ 70, but more realistically, expect to pay between $ 100-150 per night for something in the lower end, and then get up from there. This will get you a decent, clean house with a private bathroom. Manhattan is incredibly expensive so if you want more money for your money, consider staying in Brooklyn or Jersey City. At Airbnb, you can get shared rooms for about $ 25 per night and the entire house for about $ 80 per night.

Average Cost of Food: New York has food at any price. You can eat a mid-range restaurant to sit for $ 15-25 per main course. Dinner for two with drinks usually costs around $ 50-70. Prices simply rise from there, since New York has some really luxurious and expensive restaurants. Pizza slices can be found as little as a dollar, although they usually cost around $ 3. Sandwich shops, kebabs, salads and cafeteria meals generally cost less than $ 10. There are many street vendors with meals around from $ 5-8. If you cook your own food, expect to pay around $ 60 per week for foods that will include pasta, vegetables, chicken and other staple foods. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to eat in New York.mile.

Transportation Costs: New York and its districts (and parts of New Jersey) are very well connected with the subway. You can get where you need to go, or near it, with public transportation. Think about downloading an application or using the travel planner on the MTA website because the subway, with 24 different lines, can be intimidating and confusing at first. Public transport is quite affordable. The fare for a subway or local bus is $ 2.75. The fare for an express bus trip is $ 6. You can also purchase a 7-day transit pass for $ 31. The MTA charges a $ 1 fare for each subway or bus pass. Most city taxis will cost around $ 15. Uber is an alternative and has a base rate of $ 2.50 and costs about $ 2 per mile.

Money Saving Tips:

Take a Tour: However, just seeing New York from the outside is half the story. Travel for free to see everything else. On Wednesday, the Municipal Art Society offers a free tour of Grand Central Terminal (they also offer many other city tours). When there are no services then Trinity Church offers free daily tour. Free trip to Brooklyn Brewery , Finally Big Apple Greeters will pair it with a local New Yorker to show you one day in advance.

Get Cheap Theater Tickets: However, tickets can cost hundreds of dollars, especially for new and popular shows. Fortunately, there is a way to get discounted tickets. The TKTS stand in Times Square offers a 40-50% discount on select shows. You must arrive at the counter the same day to see what they have, but it is generally a good and wide selection. Prepare to wait in line for about an hour. TKTS also has offices on South Street Seaport and in Brooklyn.

Visit The Museums For Free: New York is full of some of the best museums in the world, from the Met to the MoMA and the Guggenheim. Many museums offer free admission on certain days of the mounth. The Whitney Museum of American Art is free on Friday, the Solomon R. Guggenheim has “suggested” donations after 5pm on Fridays, the Museum of American Folk Art is free, the National Museum of Design Cooper-Hewitt is free on Tuesdays for The free night, the Steuben Galler is free, the MET is free (the suggested donation is $ 20) and the Museum of Modern Art is free after 4pm on Friday.

Eat on The Cheap: Among the food carts, dollar cut shops, kebab places and ethnic restaurants (Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai are some of the cheapest places in the city), you can eat very cheaply in New York. Avoid expensive restaurants (OK, maybe one) and you never have to spend your budget on food. Yelp!, Google Maps and Foursquare are three good places to find cheap meals.

Consider Getting The New York Pass: This pass allows you free entry to more than 80 attractions and includes a tourist pass to get on and off. A one-day pass costs $ 110 per person and a three-day pass costs $ 240 per person. You can buying your tickets online.

Redeem hotel points: Make sure you sign up for a hotel credit card before you go, and use these points when you travel. This is especially helpful in big cities. Be aware that most hotels charge a parking fee when you have a car and adjust your budget accordingly.

Couchsurf: Accommodation is expensive in New York and, with few hostels, there are not many options for a budget traveler. Use a hospitality website like Couchsurfing and stay with the locals for free. There is a large network in the city with tons and tons of hosts. To increase the chances of success, apply as early as possible!

Save Money on Rideshares: Uber and Lyft (my favorite company) are much cheaper than taxis and are the best way to get around a city if you don’t want to take a bus or pay for a taxi. The shared pool option (where you share a trip with other people) offers even better savings. You can save money on your first trips with the following codes: Lyft (MATTHEW999 to save $ 10) and Uber (jlx6v to save $ 15).

Best Hotels in New York City:

The Whitby
New York, United States

Crosby Street Hotel
New York, United States

The St. Regis New York
New York, United States

The Benjamin
New York, United States

The Pierre
New York, United States

The Chatwal
New York, United States

The William Vale
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Hotel Central Park
New York, United States

Park Hyatt New York
New York, United States

The Roxy Hotel
New York, United States

Best Restaurants in New York City
Liebman’s Deli
552 W 235th St
The Bronx, NY 10463(718) 548-4534

Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken
2461 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10027

La Morada
308 Willis Ave
The Bronx, NY 10454(718) 292-0235

Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna
26-02 23rd Ave
Long Island City, NY 11105

Flora Bar
945 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10021(646) 558-5383

Bolivian Llama Party
1000 S 8th Ave Suite 5.5 Underground @ the corner of 57th st and, 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019

The Grill
99 E 52nd St
New York, NY 10022

Adda Indian Canteen
31-31 Thomson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101


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