Overseas Travel Insurance Bangladesh | Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance Bangladesh | Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance. Overseas Travel Insurance Bangladesh. Travel insurance or more commonly known in the sector as medical insurance abroad covers Bangladeshi nationals visiting abroad; for multiple purposes, including business, vacation, visits, studies, employment, or temporary residence in foreign countries outside Bangladesh. Overseas Travel Insurance.

Select your digital travel insurance from a range of options and get travel insurance coverage online within 24 hours or sooner, with free delivery anywhere in Dhaka only on bimabd.com

Bimabd travel insurance covers OMC medical costs abroad in most countries of the world. The UK, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and all other European countries that require a Schengen visa must purchase travel insurance for the visa application and this can be your best travel decision with any opponent.

Overseas Travel Insurance

Coverage Details:

The online travel insurance obtained through bimabd.com is intended for use of an insured person in the event of sudden & unexpected sickness or accident arising while the insured is staying abroad.

Overseas Mediclaim insurances are divided into two plans for the purpose of premium rates & benefits available.

  1. Travel Insurance for Business & Holiday: For period up-to 180 days; with a coverage of up to USD 100,000
  2. Overseas Insurance for Employment and Studies: For periods exceeding 180 days, but not exceeding 12 months.


Medical care: Expenses of accidental emergency doctors’ service, hospital-physician or medical services and local emergency medical transportation while abroad Expenses of doctors ordered an emergency medical evacuation, including immediate transportations and required medical care en route, to the nearest suitable hospital. In cases when the Insured Person is critically ill or injured and no suitable local care is available, it will be subject to the prior approval of the Program Medical Advisors. In case of emergencies at a remote area, where Third Party Administrators cannot be contacted, the medical evacuation must be reported to the first available physician and to the nearest Bangladesh Consulate. For immediate relief of dental pain, expenses Up to US$ 500 or Euro equivalent per incident will be covered. However, dental care rendered necessary as a result of the accident shall be subject to the limit of cover stated in the Overseas Mediclaim Identification and Schedule. (No deductible applies in Schengen Countries) Overseas Travel Insurance.

Death: In the case of death during the visit, the insurance company shall also pay the expenses of air transportation of the deceased body/remains for repatriation to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh or up to an equivalent amount for a local burial or cremation in the country where the death occurred. The expenses are subject to approval by Third Party Administrator in the host country. 

Extension: In the case of extended stay due to illness or injury occurring outside the insureds usual state of residency. As per the physician’s recommendation, the insured will be provided for additional accommodation costs for the hotel or hospitalization as per the disbursement agreed. Luggage: in the event of lost luggage, the company will undertake the responsibility to find and deliver the luggage at the intended residence of stay during the trip. In case the luggage goes missing in a scheduled airline flight and is not recovered within the next 24 hours. The insurance company will compensate for a limit of up to USD $ 1000 or equivalent EUR. In such cases, justifiable documents must accompany the claims.


Please note that No claim will be paid for: medical conditions that were previously known by the Insured Person to exist and/ or had been treated within one year immediately preceding the effective date of this coverage. Traveling for medical tourism, or is on the waiting list of specified medical treatment. Traveling against the advice/recommendation of the doctor or has received a terminal forecast for a medical condition. For Non-Schengen countries, no claim will be paid for any payment less than the Deductible stated in the Overseas Mediclaim Identification and Schedule Cosmetic surgery, EBOLA, ZIKA, AIDS, ARC, suicide, attempted suicide, self-harm- inflicted venereal disease or the abuse of drugs or alcoholic drinks, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion or complication of the reproduction will not be covered, unless rendered necessary. If the Insured Person taking part in naval, military or air-force operations or arising from war, invasion or civil war, also from any exposure to radioactive material or ionizing radiation. In case of aviation accidents, the Insured Person should fly as a passenger in an aircraft properly licensed to carry passengers. Insured Person’s participation in professional sports, mountaineering (where ropes or guides are customarily used), riding or driving in races or rallies, potholing, or risky underwater sports/recreational activity.

Claims Settlement:

Overseas Medical Claim Insurance will pay up to the limit of cover shown on the Overseas Mediclaim Identification and Schedule in total for the Insured Person and subject to a Deductible (No Deductible in the case of Schengen Countries) stated in the Overseas Mediclaim Identification and Schedule, which categorizes deductible applied per accident/ illness, in respect of the medical-related expenses, reasonably and necessarily incurred outside the People’s Republic of Bangladesh by the Insured Person as a direct result of the Insured Person suffering from bodily injury, disease, sickness or death during the Period of Insurance.

If the Insurance Third Party Administrator recommends that, continued treatment in Bangladesh is necessary/appropriate the policy will be extended to cover medical expenses incurred in Bangladesh as specified. Given that the incident is reported immediately and abiding by the allowed timeframe disclosed in the document. The claims will be managed and settled through Third Party Administrators, which are different for every customer as advised by the insurance company, at the country of visit. Please note the details provided herein are a part of the legally developed schedule of travel insurance worldwide, all/some of the insurance companies may have their personal reservations and will as such be disclosed at the policy cover note. To know more about travel insurance or to obtain Long term, education and employment insurance and for any other information, send us an email at cs@bimabd.com or call us at +8801835971860 Compare, quality and all the benefits to get the best travel policy delivered at your doorstep, only from bimabd.com now available for everyone in Bangladesh, from anywhere.

Overseas Travel Insurance Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country with its borders surrounded by five Indian states including West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, and Mizoram. The country is known for its deep repository of nature’s bounty, vivid history, and rich culture. In spite of being enormously rich in its geographical and cultural diversity, Bangladesh is a relatively unexplored area of Asia. With Sunderbans located at its southern coast, the country is a haven for the Royal Bengal tiger. The unexplored beauty of Bangladesh makes it a place that one must discover.

The nation is blessed with a subtropical monsoon climate categorized by seasonal variations in high temperatures, rainfall, and humidity. It also has dense forests and plenty of wildlife, which makes it a perfect spot for nature lovers. If you are one of them, then you should visit Bangladesh in the monsoon months as the profusion of green after a torrential downpour is worth a visit.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and is the center of all political and administrative activities. Apart from Dhaka, you can even visit other cities like- Chittagong, Khulna, and Barisal. You should also keep in mind that the infrastructure in towns is much better than in small villages. It is advisable to stay in the cities as essential amenities, as well as luxury services, are readily available. Eight-division towns in Bangladesh make for ideal facilitators. Some of the iconic spots include Sunderbans, Kantanagar Temple, swamp safaris in Ratargul, Kaptai Lake and others.

Amongst the experiences, wildlife camps in Bangladesh are enthralling. You can also go for tiger tracking in the dense stretch of Sundarbans. Visit the largest floating market of the subcontinent, explore the swamp safaris or go for hiking through amazing track trails in the lower Himalayas and tea gardens. All in all, you can say that Bangladesh has a lot to offer to its travelers. However, you should also consider insuring your trip with a comprehensive travel insurance plan as pickpocketing is prevalent in the country. A travel insurance policy offers emergency cash assistance in events like these. Happy traveling!

​If you purchase our travel insurance policy, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Compensation for lost or delayed baggage.
  • Cover against illness, personal accidents, and medical expenses.
  • Loss of passport.
  • Cover for the trip delay.
  • No medical checkups until the age of 80 years to receive a policy.
  • Cover for up to 182 days, extendable to another 183 days.
  • Cashless medical treatment at your hospital.

    You can purchase asia travel insurance policy online for visiting Bangladesh. Please fill out the form on the left side of this page to get an instant travel insurance quote.

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