Tibetan Museum Travel Guide | Map, Hotels, Tibetan House | India

Tibetan Museum Travel Guide | Map, Hotels, Tibetan House | India
Tibetan Museum

The Tibetan Museum is an amazing place that describes the culture of Tibet. The most beautiful things present the Dalai Lama, which is identified with Tibetan religion, writing, medicine and history. It is also presented as another cultural attraction for travelers and guests. Local and abroad in Darjeeling it appears as the name of the Himalayan Tibet Museum. To make it obvious, the Tibetan Museum is an exceptional historical and religious place where people accompany trust. In case you visit here, you will get a lot of common sense learning that is educated by the Tibetan Museum of several beauties of this.

Map Of Tibetan Museum

Tibet Fact:

Chinese name: 西藏 (xī zàng)
Abbreviation: Zang
Administration. Type: Autonomous Region
Capital: Lhasa
Average altitude: more than 4,000 meters (13,123 feet)
Location: 26 ° 50 ′ to 36 ° 53 ′ N, 78 ° 25 ′ to 99 ° 06 ′ E
Area: 1,228,400 km² (474,288 mi²)
Population (2010): 3,002,166
The beauty of the Tibetan museum:
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The Tibetan Buddhist Museum is the best historical museum that offers the artificial excellence of this Museum. Before entering this museum, you will get the most beautiful Get, which is the first attraction for this historical museum. This museum is full of beauty and a collection of different information about Tibet and the Tibetan community and, in addition, the historical backdrop of the Dalai Lama. The nature of this Tibetan museum is calm and knowledgeable with expert staff and the administration gave good results where all the staff is friendly and ready to help visitors and tourists. So I plan to travel soon.

Attractions near the Tibet Museum:

  • Barkhor Street / Barkhor Kora
  • Ramoche Monastery in Lhasa
  • Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet
  • Larang Nyingba
  • Meru nyingba
  • Grashi Monastery
  • Chakpori Hill
  • Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet,

Location of the Tibetan Museum:

The Tibetan Museum is located in the Manjushree Center for Tibetan Culture (MCTC) on Gandhi Road in Darjeeling. This museum is blessed significantly by its holiness Dalai Lama, who donates everything to the Museum. The actual area of ​​the Tibetan Museum is 12, Gandhi Road, Limbugaon, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101, India. The Tibetan Museum is really an amazing museum for the religious people of the Dalai Lama. This museum brings Indian history as well as religious history. We have made different approaches to give you a proper understanding. A way to know a place effectively through a map. Therefore, to make it clearer, we give you a map below where you can visit virtually before going there.

Tibetan history and culture:

The MCTC (Manjushree Tourism Center in Darjeeling Ngawang Tenzin) said that the Tibet Museum is built to investigate the culture of the Himalayas through several shows that raised their own form of culture to the entire world. Gyatso has admitted with us that it is “We are truly trying to demonstrate the entire Tibetan culture through this historical museum. This museum is the main place where you can come and consider the path of a Tibetan culture. Also, with numerous interested people in Buddhism, we feel that the museum will provide information about this religion along with the cultural generosity of the Himalayas and Tibet. ”

From Debanjan Ray’s review “First of all, this museum draws the way of the culture, art, people and history of Tibet. Instead of reading a large number of books, a tour of this museum will open paths to an immense Tibetan culture. A wonderful imitation of the Potala Palace is one of the main attractions. His presentation incorporates Tibetan coins, stamps, melodic instruments, ancient antiques, perfect Tibetan thanks, miniature figures and a host of other cultural elements that are not found anywhere else. It also has an elaborate section on the life of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Photography is allowed inside. You just have to visit Darjeeling. ” Your tour will be progressively pleasurable, that is our goal to provide you with genuine information.

Tibet House and Tibet Hotel

There is a 5-story facility with a Tibetan handicraft museum and library, as well as addresses and occasions about Buddhist culture. Tibet House is a unit of the Manjushree Center for Tibetan Culture that is located in a similar building. Except if you know, it’s hard to feel that this is where you can stay. Precisely, hotels must support the reason for the center, which is a charitable society and is responsible for protecting Tibetan heritage and culture. Tibet House is a cabin that only goes through hotels that offer 8 decent and well-ventilated rooms. If you need to enter here, you must open a short iron entrance to the left of the building, walk through the wooden doors and reach the workplace on the first floor. During the time available, Mr. Dorji and Mrs. Lhakpa are confidently there in their office, who will easily help you with your coordination and take you to your room. Never wait to plan to visit Tibet House, which is called Tibet Hotel.

The best luxury hotels on Tibet Tour:

  • St. Regis Lhasa Resort
  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Brahmaputra Grand Hotel
  • Manasarovar Hotel
  • Sheraton Four Points Hotel
  • Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise

The rate, opening and closing hours

Tibetan is currently the government that runs the museum. Then open the time of authority and close the times of authority. It is clear that the Tibetan opens at 1 in the morning towards the beginning of the day and is closed at 5 in the afternoon at night. The charge to enter the Tibetan Museum is for adults Rs 50 and for children Rs 25. It is located in a narrow line where you cannot park an open door for different vehicles. This Tibetan museum is near the Clock Tower. Despite all the historical background of this museum, this is done regularly in the past and communicates some beauties and culture typical of some architectures.

The best things to do

The best things in the Tibetan Museum refer to numerous quality things. For example, find authentic information or paint of distinctive quality. You can reach melodic music instruments, various Tibetan coins, smaller than expected stamps and many other cultural things. In the Dalai Lama, photography is never allowed, so keep remembering. In case you ever go to Darjeeling, you must visit the Tibetan Museum.

Tibetan Religious History Museum

The Buddhist religion is one of the most fascinating religions in the world. This Tibetan museum houses the history and beautiful work of the Buddhist people carried out by Dalai Lama. There are some small instructional centers for Buddhist children in this museum. The art produced with sand is captivating and looks more charming. People are attracted to different excellence, however, this is one reason why people are attracted. To really distribute the Buddhist religion throughout the world with its culture, the Dalai Lama did it. We need to look for your cultural excellence through planning and different tools to make magnificence in your building.

Personal experience

I visited the Tibetan Dalai Lama on July 5, 2015. At first, I visited a supposed orange city near Darjeeling. I was walking around visiting the mall along Gandhi Road from our nearby GH Buddies St. Buddies school. I arrived behind a billboard, “Welcome to the Himalayan Tibet Museum”. It is at 12, Gandhi Road, Darjeeling. I chose to visit the historical museum and paid the entrance fees of Rs.50 / per person. It was written on the ticket that the sum collected would be spent on the support and maintenance of the museum. Anyway, we saw the oil painting of Lord Buddha, Avalokitesvara, model of the Potala House in Tibet. Old Tibetan currency, coins, books, photos of Manas Sarovar, etc. Numerous musical instruments were also exhibited. You can spend an hour from the Tibetan house and see ancient art there. They are also selling something special to take home. I am also buying two packages of incense. These days were really memorable and I missed them a lot. According to my own advice, you will get a great experience at the Tibetan Museum, which offers you many ways to see this museum and enjoy your trip to the Tibetan Museum. I wish your visit is great. I wish you have a wonderful weekend ……

Tibet Museum Tips

After visiting there, you can have a good understanding of Tibetan culture. The museum room will close around the afternoon. It would be ideal if you manage your time accordingly. Each of the accumulations in the Tibet Museum is important.

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