Yangtze River Tours | Travel Guide Map, Hotels

Yangtze River Tours | Travel Guide Map, Hotels
Yangtze River

Yangtze River Overview

The world’s third-longest river, the longest in Asia and the longest ceaseless river in a single country, the Yangtze River has for quite some time been at the core of the Middle Kingdom’s development and that of its kin. Alongside the Yellow River, it has been the backbone of the nation since the beginning of human advancement and keeps on being through the massive Three Gorges Dam venture that has broken innumerable records. You’ll get the opportunity to stop off at a few points on the voyage at these tours including the opportunity to see the dam very close.


Highlights of the Yangtze River

Over 7,000 years of constant human advancement anticipate your disclosure when going through the core of China on the Yangtze River. This forceful conduit has formed the course of Chinese history and culture, and its effect still reverberates a long way past its banks in urban areas like Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing, likewise highlighted on your adventure. The stream itself is in excess of a characteristic wonderland, it is a channel of culture that wakes up during an included trip in each port. Here is a portion of the features on a river voyage:

  1. Monumental Beijing, including Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City
  2. Walking the Great Wall of China
  3. The Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian
  4. World War II intrigue at Chongqing’s General “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell Museum
  5. The Precious Stone Fortress of Shibaozhai
  6. The antique watchtowers of Jingzhou
  7. Cruising the Qutang, Wu and Xiling Gorges
  8. The engineering marvels of the Three Gorges Dam
  9. Shanghai’s futuristic skyline
  10. Shanghai’s Yuyuan Garden

Yangtze River Weather:

As the third-biggest stream in the world and with a length of 6,307 kilometers (3,900 miles), then goes through eleven territories. Arranged in the subtropics with a scope of 30 degreesBest times to take a journey

Best Months to Visit

We book journey ships from a scope of organizations including President and the Victoria lines ordinarily concentrating on their 5* ships which keep up great norms.

The normal temperature in spring is around 12-18℃ and in harvest time normal temperature is 15-20℃. In light of its calm atmosphere, April, May, September, and October are the best time to take a Yangtze River journey. These four months are the high season for movement and have more expensive rates than a low season (March, June, July, August, and November).

Winter is a decent season to travel due to its lower costs and it is less packed. Also, the view at the Three Gorges (the most noteworthy segment of the Yangtze River) is progressively stunning a direct result of the much lower water level. Take a glance at journey ships at the Yangtze River.

Weather in major cities along Yangtze River:


The climate in Shanghai is, in general, mellow and damp throughout the entire year, with spring and pre-winter being the best time for voyaging. Increasingly about Shanghai climate.


Yichang is extremely sweltering and moist during summer, moist and freezing in winter. Peruse increasingly about Yichang climate


Wuhan is one of China’s “Heater urban areas”, which means it gets extremely sweltering in summer. Peruse increasingly about Wuhan climate.


Nanjing is found downstream on the Yangtze River is likewise one of China’s “Heater urban communities”. Peruse progressively about Nanjing weather security and Safety on a Yangtze Cruise

Best Reason to Visit the Yangtze River

For some, a Yangtze River Cruise is one of the features of China. The journey ships are agreeable and there are a few shore trips permitting you time off the ships.

Top Sights along the Yangtze River:

  • Chongqing is the beginning of the trip and worth a fast hope to perceive what is professed to be the world’s biggest city, populace 33 million and tallying!
  • Fengdu Ghost City, supposedly where the devil lives and a typical shore journey on a river voyage.
  • Shibaozhai traditional cliff top town.
  • Shennong River takes you off the fundamental waterway and up a peaceful tributary flanked by richly vegetated precipices where you may spot customary suspended coffins.
  • The Three Gorges Dam project is the world’s biggest and maybe most questionable and yet an amazing sight. Cruising through the 5 goliath locks has added a cutting edge turn to this immortal journey.

Top Yangtze River Travel Tip:

The journey can be brought up or down the stream with the base number of evenings being 3 and the entire excursion from Chongqing to Shanghai 8 days albeit most travels are 3 evenings completing in Yichang.

10 Best Hotels near Yangtze River:

Here I recommended 10 best cheapest hotels ear Yangtze river given below:

  1. Wei-island Farm&Art Guesthouse
  2. Jinmao Hotel Lijiang, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt
  3. Hilton Garden Inn Lijiang
  4. Lijiang Escape Inn
  5. JunBo Boutique Guesthouse
  6. King Century Hotel
  7. Huiquan Hotel
  8. The Summit Hotel 
  9. Hiyet Oriental Hotel
  10. Golden Diamond Hotel

Yangtze River Cruise Dining: Food and Drinking

Obviously, your Yangtze River tours for touring and recreation will be a culinary excursion. Elegant foods of Chinese and Western flavors are set up by the accomplished culinary expert locally available. Dishes and beverages are in satisfactory sum as well as in elevated expectation quality so as to fulfill the assorted needs and propensities for visitors from various nations and districts on the planet. In the well-organized feasting lobby with decent climate, agreeable tables, and seats, grinning administration staff, and pleasant plans, you can totally appreciate extraordinary hours with the nourishment and beverages installed the Yangtze River voyage transport!

Yangtze River Tours Dining Environment

Where to eat? Locally available the oyage, there are generally 1 to 2 eating lobbies for visitors to make the most of their three dinings. They are the principle feasting lobby for most explorers and the littler exceptional VIP café for a specific gathering of VIP and business visitors.

Top 10 Restaurants

  1. NongJia Yan
  2. Aaja Indian Cuisine
  3. WuYi Hotpot (KaiXuan)
  4. LaoLaiFu TangGuo
  5. Les Champs Libres
  6. Flavor Lounge JiWei JiuBa
  7. Seasonal Tastes
  8. Qin Ma Hotpot (DeYi)
  9. SuHe JiuBa
  10. TianJie Coffee

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